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Shutter Island

Ok, so I'm a few months late to the party, but I just watched Shutter Island and had to post about it even though it's after 3am. Fair warning: this is going to be spoilerific.

I hated this movie. I can't believe I'm saying that about a Scorsese/DiCaprio film. But I hated this movie.

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This wasn't at all what I expected from Scorsese/DiCaprio and I can only hope their next project takes them off the teetering edge of this slippery cliff and plants their feet back on solid ground.
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My Favorite TV Shows of 2009

Last year, I did My Top 17 TV Shows of 2008. This year, I had a LOT of trouble putting my shows in any kind of numerical order, and I was a little heartbroken at how far some of them fell in just a year (I'm looking at you BSG...). So this year, I decided to forget the countdown and do awards instead. 18 shows made the cut this year and, thus, 2009's list was born.

As always, the descriptions may contain spoilers for all aired episodes. The pics are all promo shots so no worries there. If you don't want to be spoiled, just skip the descriptions of the shows you're worried about.

Laci's Awards for the Best of the Best and the Best of the Worst TV of 2009

Best Straight-to-DVD TV Movie
A Very Sunny Christmas


Season 5 may not have been Sunny's funniest season, but the Christmas special did not disappoint. Hilarious revelations from childhoods past, a bloody encounter with Santa Claus, and a crazy gun-wielding ex-business-partner made this episode the perfect way to ring in the holiday season. Of course, I could have gone without seeing Danny Devito climb out of a couch naked, but Sunny wouldn't be Sunny without a dose of outrageously disturbing humor. Merry Christmas! Now go steal your neighbor's presents and wait for all the Santas to come bring your mom money and cheer her up in the bedroom.

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BSG // Kara Sam "Love Bites"


I know I just posted an epically long BSG review, but since I watched Caprica last night, I want to post this one as well. I promise it isn't nearly as long. ;)

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I don't know what my future with Caprica will hold. I have very mixed feelings about it and only time will tell.
BSG // Kara Sam "It's Forever"


It's been more than a month since the finale and I am only now prepared to post my review. Initially, it was impossible to write because every time I started, I was filled with rage. I'm still in a bit of disbelief that a show which set such a high standard for itself ended on such a weak note, and when I think about it too much, it still makes me angry. Nonetheless, my lj wouldn't be complete without my thoughts on the finale (you can listen to my verbal rants about Daybreak 1&2 on The Two Doctors podcasts). I still can't accept most of 4.5 as canon, but I've got to close this chapter in my life.

I'm warning you this entry is long (epically long). I've separated it into different categories though, so you only have to read what interests you. Also, if you liked/loved Daybreak (or any of 4.5), this will probably make you angry. You've been warned. Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, here we go.

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BSG // Adama "Crap!"


I just finished ranting the latest episode of BSG on The Two Doctors. We were all in agreement about the absolute FAIL this week and had a nice, cathartic rant about how angry we are at the show right now...and then we laughed it off. Really, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS A WEEK BEFORE THE FINALE AND THIS IS HOW WE'RE FEELING. It's so sad. And disappointing. I'm not even excited for the finale and I can't believe the show has fallen so far so fast. Anyway, it was fun to laugh about it because at this point, what else can we do? The definite highlight was toward the end when we were talking about Adama and Roslin smoking a joint and Kenn said, "I think I'm gonna hafta smoke a joint before I watch this finale....I think the writers were definitely high when they wrote it!" Yeah, that's how much faith we have in RDM right about now. Wanna commiserate? Listen to the podcast of the show! The BSG discussion starts a little before the halfway mark.

And for anyone interested, Shaun is back this week so check out TV Talk, weekdays at 6pmET! On Friday, he played an old interview with Katee Sackhoff and will undoubtedly talk some BSG this week.

And Kenn and Jim are hosting a special episode of The Two Doctors on Friday night after the BSG finale at 12amET. Hopefully we won't be ranting next week, but at this point, my expectations are low.

Ok loves, I'm off to bed. Waking up to a long day of midterm studying and essay writing tomorrow. Woot!